Omni Architects' work is represented in hundreds of projects throughout the Commonwealth and surrounding states. Our success has been derived from the consistent level of quality, service, and attention to detail we deliver throughout each phase of the project - from programming through occupancy.

  • Planning: Omni’s long history of guiding clients through the maze of master planning issues has been instrumental in their strategic growth and success. With stakeholder participation, we consider all aspects of a site including current and proposed buildings, landscaping, drainage, signage, traffic patterns, and open space. The end result is a cohesive master plan that maintains unity and purpose as an institution adapts and expands into the future.

  • Programming: To find the right design solution, we start with the right questions: What do you need today? What will you need tomorrow? What types of spaces will meet both needs? We find the answers by working directly with the owners and end-users to understand the types of activities that will take place in the space, and by conducting extensive research for precedents and best practices. Our research-driven and highly interpersonal approach is key to designing buildings and spaces that are functional and efficient.

  • Design: Without question, collaboration leads to superior design. Omni's systematic approach involves all stakeholders, and includes work sessions that enable the details to emerge in an organic manner. By involving clients throughout the entire process, we are able to design dynamic buildings guided by our clients' goals for image, level of quality, and budget. We take our clients beyond the boundaries of their expectations to help them achieve their mission through the facilities we create together.

  • Interior Design: Our thoughtful interior design strategies are integral to the development of exterior design solution. More than just arranging furniture, the aesthetic experience includes the identification of solids and voids, interior finishes, overlapping and shared use space, materials, interaction and private zones, color selections, lighting, temperature control, signage, wayfinding, acoustics… By collaborating with our clients throughout the design process, we find solutions that effectively blend interior and exterior design elements that become simultaneously bold, practical, and timeless.

  • Construction Administration: Being good financial stewards of our clients’ investment requires attention to every detail throughout the process, including the development of concise construction documents, responsible materials selection, and diligent oversight of the construction phase. Omni employs a full-time Director of Construction Administration, who works side-by-side with our project team to shepherd our projects to a successful completion. Throughout construction, we make sure construction documents are being followed precisely; quality materials are being used; and sound installation practices are being exercised. Omni’s strong relationship with regional construction managers has resulted in the successful completion of dozens of projects utilizing CM services. These existing relationships are equally beneficial in the traditional project delivery model, ensuring clear and open lines of communication until the project is completed.

  • Renovation & Restoration: Whether driven by budget constraints or the desire for a more sustainable construction option, many organizations choose to adapt existing facilities to meet changing operations. In the hands of creative architects, an existing building can yield innovative spaces that elevate both morale and productivity, and further the mission of its users. Omni has designed renovations and restorations for both modern and traditional structures. Through our extensive experience, we have developed logical, practical, and creative means to re-purpose older buildings, always with an eye toward the client’s needs and the bottom line.