Omni - ɑːmnɪ-/from Latin omnis ‘all.’

Omni was founded in 1975, named to reflect the founding partners' vision of an all-inclusive culture. We design structures that respond to the needs and missions of the users while demonstrating environmental responsibility. Through our collaborative and engaging project approach, owners, users, and other stakeholders are immersed in the exciting process of design.

We are a collective of multi-talented professionals who work collaboratively to create transformative architectural experiences for each client. We lean heavily into postsecondary education projects, designing classrooms, laboratories, student life, and workforce training facilities that support Kentucky's economic development while enriching the lives of its citizens. Our mission is rooted in the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of design, client service, and technical execution.


We are stewards of the environment

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The building sector accounts for a large percentage of the world’s carbon footprint. We minimize our impact on the environment by designing buildings that are flexible and adaptable, implementing environmentally responsible materials and methodologies.

We design buildings to achieve various levels of LEED Certification, but incorporate LEED guidelines even when certification is not being pursued. We also adhere to WELL Building design principles, and designed the first Zero-Energy WELL certified office building in Kentucky.

The sum is greater than all the parts
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We collaborate in an environment fueled by talented individuals who contribute diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to our design ethos. We are driven by the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement while nurturing and supporting our professionals as they forge their career paths and pursue professional development and fulfillment through the practice of architecture.