St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School
Louisville, Kentucky

After working with Omni to complete a new church and multipurpose building, St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church’s focus shifted to expanding their educational facilities. The Parish Expansion project includes a three story addition to their existing campus, with over 30,000 gross square feet of new construction. The lower level contains instructional and activity space for the growing after-school child care program. A new computer lab and media center/library are located on the main level, with a new science classroom and five regular classrooms, and expansion room for two more, on the top floor.
The new classrooms allow St. Gabriel to expand their elementary school curriculum, which is currently the largest elementary school in the archdiocese, to include middle school grades seven and eight. All of the new facilities are also intended to be used for evening and weekend adult education, a growing mission of the Parish.

I marvel at how all of our goals have been accomplished in a phased way. Each step has complemented and integrated with the existing buildings but also, in the end, we have a clear architecturally united complex, avoiding the feel of a cluttered site or a patchwork feel to the campus. [Omni's] accomplishments over the years with our two major building projects have been both a blessing to the parish as well as a pleasure for me."

Rev. William D. Hammer, Director
Office of Ecumenism

Pastor of St. Gabriel's Parish, 1988 - 2001