New Science Building, Phase 1
Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, Kentucky

Phase 1 of Eastern Kentucky University’s New Science Building houses the departments of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Science Education, and the Division of Natural Areas. The new building includes teaching laboratories, computational labs, faculty and student research laboratories, classrooms, seminar rooms, and faculty and student organization offices. A key design objective was to create public spaces that display the sciences and encourage interaction between the departments and the wider community.

Omni led a highly collaborative design process to ensure that the design of the new Science Building supports the most current teaching methodologies for science education. The teaching spaces promote the dynamic, collaborative, experience-based teaching that is characteristic of the university. Virtually all the faculty members of the various departments worked closely with the design team to contribute ideas, comment on plans, and develop equipment lists.

Phase 1 and 2 were designed simultaneously to ensure a cohesive response to the needs of the users. The facility is designed in a way that hands-on, discussion and explanation will be seamlessly interwoven in classrooms that facilitate collaborative learning.

“I just walked the halls of the NSB and am so inspired…In every nook and cranny I saw a group of students working on Science... More students are succeeding in class...The number of D, F and W students fell 48% to an all time low... We attribute it to all the things the building brings including tutoring, lab orientations, and a positive daily outlook for students and faculty. This building is performing exceptionally well. Words can't really describe what it means to us. Thank you does not seem to be enough.”

Lori Wilson, Ph.D. - Professor and Chair Department of Chemistry, Eastern Kentucky University

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