Council of State Governments Headquarters Building Renovation
Lexington, Kentucky

The Council of State Governments (CSG) is one of the nation’s leading associations of public officials. Since 1933 the CSG has brought state leaders together to enhance excellence in governance and to empower state officials to pursue public policy solutions in a nonpartisan forum. CSG has called Kentucky home since 1969, when the organization moved from Chicago to its current location.
The CSG headquarters building is an architecturally prominent feature of the landscape on scenic Ironworks Pike in Lexington, due to its placement, elevation and colonnaded design. The 2-story building had “great bones” but typical of the era in which it was constructed, the interior featured a combination of private offices along the perimeter of the building with masses of work station cubicles situated within. The private offices prevented the infiltration of daylighting into the building interior. From the exterior, dark glass behaved as an unwelcoming barrier and added to the poor quality of light entering the building. The challenge for the design team was to design a renovation that would modernize the facility, introduce daylighting and views for its occupants, and create an environment that supports the mission and brand of the Council of State Governments.
The renovation was met with much praise from users and visitors alike, who are surprised and delighted by the significant transformation.