Bullitt County Public Library, New Main Branch
Shepherdsville, Kentucky

Bullitt County, Kentucky, has experienced tremendous growth in the past few decades. As a result, the Bullitt County Public Library needed to replace its main library facility with one that would serve many purposes: as a large central location to house staff and materials; to work as a modern and flexible space for all patrons equally; to serve as a permanent advertisement for library services; to represent BCPL’s commitment to be a technological leader in Bullitt County; and, to be a place of experience, discovery, and fulfillment to all who enter.
The Omni Architects team is collaborating with library stakeholders to achieve their vision for the new facility. Some of the goals for the library include:

  • A building that is a destination, community anchor, and the intellectual center of the county

  • A design that is intentionally inclusive, interactive, innovative, and welcoming

  • Smart and sustainable features that serve as an example of green architecture and design for the community

  • A variety of seating areas and arrangements

  • Spaces that are open and can easily be reconfigured to support library service as it evolves over time

  • Staff areas to handle future growth, foster collaboration, and improve quality of working life

The public’s use of library buildings continues to change over time, leading to a host of different and competing expectations. While one person might desire a quiet sanctuary in which to study or work, others see the library as a location to meet, socialize, explore, play loudly, or unwind. This new library will feature a variety of spaces for study, casual reading, meeting, playing, and relaxing, all with a thought to both comfort and noise control. BCPL is a key player in the community event space, so the building will have the ability to provide these spaces while a large event is occurring.