; Omni Architects - SAMS
St. Albert the Great Catholic Middle School
Louisville, Kentucky

The goal of this project for St. Albert the Great Catholic Church was to build a new church, school addition and office renovation that had one foot clearly planted in the past and the other foot stepping into the future.

The new church building and school addition were designed to be sympathetic to the existing neighborhood while maintaining their own identities. The mass of the large buildings were reduced to a more human scale by eliminating large expanses of blank walls and providing provocative stained glass window penetrations and individual building massing for the different programmatic functions. This results in a visually unified campus that addresses the needs of the Church as well as its neighbors.

The support functions of the campus include a five-classroom addition to the existing school with a media and computer centers, as well as the renovation of the existing assembly space to accommodate parish and school offices.

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