Burlington Readiness Center - Kentucky National Guard
Burlington, Kentucky

A design-build project in partnership with D.W. Wilburn, Inc., this new Readiness Center is divided into two wings: an Activation wing that houses all weekend training facilities, and an 24/7 wing that houses administrative and support areas. A single hub control point works on a day-to-day basis to direct visitors and ease in wayfinding. The building two-wing approach limits the length of long double-loaded corridors, and has wide places in the road for “interaction” zones to promote casual meetings and discussions before classes begin. It also facilitates two mechanical zones, which allows for heating and cooling to be isolated when areas are not in use, greatly aiding in energy efficient operation of the building.
The project was self-certified to meet LEED Silver certification criteria. Both LEED and non-LEED point sustainable concepts are utilized to improve occupant comfort with controllability of systems, and by improving access to natural daylighting and views.