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Omni Architects is currently seeking an experienced intern or recently-licensed Architect to join our team.
Omni was founded in 1975 to reflect the founding partners’ vision of an inclusive culture: where all stakeholders are involved in the design process, where all staff members shape the firm culture, and where all who experience our buildings benefit from their design. Since then, our reputation for innovative designs, proficient technical execution, and remarkable client service has become well-known throughout the Commonwealth. Our practice has grown through our relationships with repeat clients who know they can trust Omni’s consistent performance on every project.
Omni’s continuous success and high percentage of repeat clientele can be attributed largely to the people we hire. Our team includes a diverse range of generations, skills, strengths, and interests, but there is one common goal: creating thoughtful architecture.
We are an equal opportunity employer, and all Omnies are expected to comply with the current Code of Ethics published by the American Institute of Architects.

Required Qualifications
  • B. Arch or M. Arch degree from an accredited school of architecture, with completion of AXP preferred
  • Three to six years previous experience in an architectural office, with project management experience preferred
  • A Kentucky license preferred
Required Skills
  • Strong Revit production skills are a must!
  • Experience with MS Office and Adobe Creative Cloud software.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Rendering expertise preferred.
  • This position is responsible for specific technical design aspects of an assigned major project, including investigation, evaluation, and recommendation of design solutions that best meet the client’s needs. Other responsibilities may include:
  • Participation in the conceptual design and providing full support through the entire design process, including coordination with the Project manager, other architects and architectural staff, and consultants. (This position may also provide technical guidance to less experienced architectural staff.)
  • Independently applying advanced architectural concepts and designs.
  • Execution of complex or novel assignments requiring the development of new or improved techniques and procedures.
  • Coordinating with the Project Manager on appropriate technical solutions and product strategies.
  • Independently perform a variety of assignments requiring skills in all conventional aspects of architectural designs for projects of moderate size and complexity.
  • Performing analyses of design, planning and occupancy studies, and limited design layouts. Preparing project specifications, compiling and analyzing relevant data.
  • Writing reports and specifications.
  • Reviewing completed reports, plans, estimates, and calculations.
Advancement Opportunities
Omni is committed to the belief that a fulfilling and satisfying career path leads to better design work and a stronger team. As a result, our approach to career advancement allows each individual to determine their own path and the timeline for achieving their personal goals. We have clearly defined expectations for each step of the pathway to firm leadership, with regular review sessions to validate progress. Each Omni is in control of their future and may apply for a promotion once a year.
Omni Architects offers a comprehensive benefits package focused on a meaningful work-life balance while working with an amazing team in an exciting, supportive, and encouraging environment. We also offer flexible work hours to accommodate each person’s schedule, childcare responsibilities, etc. Salary and other compensation are based on qualifications and previous experience, with a signing bonus for qualified candidates. All Omnies participate in our end-of-the-year bonus program.
Paid time off includes:
  • Eight paid federal holidays, including a full day for Christmas Eve.
  • Two weeks of paid vacation per year, with the ability to increase this over time.
  • Five additional vacation days that may be added to holiday weekends during the year.
  • Two weeks of sick time per year that may be used for personal illness, caring for a sick child, parent, or other family member.
  • Paid time off for professional development activities.
  • Paid time off to vote in all elections.
  • Paid time off to participate in community involvement events.
Other benefits include:
  • Paid dues for licensure and AIA membership, including Assoc. AIA for non-licensed personnel.
  • A SIMPLE IRA retirement plan using your choice of brokerages.
  • FREE health insurance with multiple plan options, with an option for a pre-tax health savings account.
  • FREE dental insurance.
  • FREE vision insurance.
  • FREE long-term disability insurance.
  • FREE $25,000 life insurance.
  • FREE assigned parking spot in our private lot.

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