Director of Construction Administration Services - Lexington, KY
Minimum job requirements:
- Employee Attributes: Mature grasp of how to work with people; Ability to multi-task between multiple projects; Positive history of dealing with conflict. Creative ability to moderate a group of stakeholders; Insightful ability to look ahead, and head off problems before they happen;
- Principled ability to mediate when necessary.
- Skill Sets: Ability to Manage (planning/organizing/controlling); Tech Savvy (direct experience at navigating through systems and programs); Strong Communications skills (speech/visual/writing/behavior); Construction Systems Aptitude; Leadership in resolving job difficulties; Ability to set priorities.
- Education: Professional Degree in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, or related field preferred.
- Experience: Apprenticed in the design and/or construction industry with minimum of 10 years directly related to the construction industry. Field experience in understanding the means and methods of construction on actual projects.
Salary based on qualifications and previous experience.
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