ECTC On-Site Training Center ready to break ground

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The training facility will support the new Ford/SK battery production facility
Following a successful design collaboration between Omni Architects, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, KCTCS, ECTC, Ford, and SK, the new On-Site Training Center is set to break ground on April 25, 2023.

The training facility will comprise multiple classrooms, high bay training labs, and support spaces that include an administration suite, collaboration and study spaces, and storage rooms. The design team prioritized flexibility in all aspects of the project so that the building can address these evolving needs. The single story portion contains classrooms, offices, collaboration and study areas, restrooms, storage, and support spaces, while the double height space contains open labs for hands- on learning, storage, and a mechanical room. Two main entrances are linked through a collaboration-rich cross corridor, which serves as the main collaboration space of the building and links the BlueOvalSK high-security portion of the building to the ECTC workforce development functions.

The Ford/SK EV battery plant is expected to create 5,000 full-time jobs, making it one of the Commonwealth's most anticipated employment opportunities since Toyota constructed its production facilities in Georgetown, Kentucky.